[Box Backup] Boxbackup on ARM processors (was: Another wish for 2011)

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Sun Feb 13 14:21:14 GMT 2011

Dear Leif & Chris,

as a by-stander watching this process in quite some awe, I must at first express 
how deeply I am impressed at the way this project evolves. This is free open 
source software at its best! Being nothing more but a dilettante in programming, 
I am unfortunately not able to contribute anything substantial myself. I wish 
there was a way to actively support this project for people like me!

Second, I would like to express my interest in the realization of Boxbackup on 
ARM-based platforms. Allow me to digress a bit to show that it is not only a 
selfish interest.
I teach an introductory computer science class where the students do not have 
any previous knowledge of c.s. at all. Therefore I prefer a hands-on approach 
over theory. The students install Ubuntu linux on their laptops and learn the 
fundamentals of operating systems first.
For the networking part, I have chosen the D-Link DNS-320 NAS device (equivalent 
successor of the DNS-323)  as our object of study. Appending a so-called "fun 
plug" to the system start-up scripts, one gets access to the embedded linux of 
the device. Thus one gets a server type computer ready to play with for a modest 
amount of money. Needless to say that hard-disk space is abundant (4 TB).
After the basics of networking I want to turn the device into a network backup 
station for the students to install at their home. This is where Boxbackup 
should come into play. With its unique combination of different encryption and 
authentication methods it is a model-case to study many fundamental aspects of 
networking. However, after my own tries with compiling and running it on the 
device I had given up due to my limited capabilities in even identifying the 
So I am very, very thankful for Leif's initiative. As far as I understand, the 
issue is rather limited in scope. So I do hope that Boxbackup will be available 
soon on the device. I could offer some rather extensive testing (me & all of my 
students ... :), on a rather limited time basis though (January through April 
only for the students' part). I could provide some write-up then as well.

Currently, I am using BackupPC for the same purpose and it does run well. 
However, it is not as rich in encryption features which makes it less well 
suited for off-site backups which I envision as an ultimate goal. However, the 
(very) big advantage is that it does run smoothly also with Windows backup 
clients. My own tries in getting Boxbackup to backup Windows clients failed. Can 
anybody point me to some simple guide or similar?

Once again, many thanks & cheers!
St. Mueller, Switzerland

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