[Box Backup] Boxbackup on ARM processors (was: Another wish for 2011)

Leif Linderstam ell2 at live.se
Sun Feb 13 20:58:31 GMT 2011

Hi Stefan,

The current status is that I have been able to compile both the release and
debug versions of the binaries. The debug version seems to work fine in a very
small test. The bundled test cases (run with "make test") seems to be more
difficult to get working, so if you can perform some more extensive "live"
testing it would be much appreciated. Currently it is only meaningful to do that
with the debug version.

I could make a server installation parcel with the debug version for you to test
out, or at least start with, but I don't have any place to upload it to. Chris,
do you know of any good place to upload this kind of thing to?

About the Windows version trouble I am afraid I cannot help you. I have so far
only been working with the Unix version (Linux on x86 and ARM to be more



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