[Box Backup] Boxi NG (screenshots included)

Achim achim+box at qustodium.net
Sun Feb 13 22:48:48 GMT 2011

Hello list:

In addition to the localisation I mentioned in my message from 18 
January [0], I have been trying to improve Boxi's UI.

Please refer to [1] to see the screenshots of my development version, 
based on the latest SVN checkout.

A couple of things are still missing/not working, and I would be 
grateful for any pointers:

1/ The "Stop Compare" and "Stop Backup" and "Stop Restore" buttons on 
[XYZ]ProgressPanel.cc do not work correctly. They are only functional 
during the local "counting files" activity. Once Boxi hands over to 
Boxbackup with queries.CompareLocation(*pLocName, BBParams); the button 
can be clicked, but the current action continues. Is it even possible 
to interrupt the process?

2/ As you can see from the screenshots [1], I decided to move the 
panels for "Backup files", "Locations" and "Exclusions" from a separate 
tab to the overall "Configuration" tab. Double-clicking on a directory 
in the tree now does not fire BackupLocationsPanel::OnTreeNodeActivate 
anymore. When I tried to update the event table to register the 
function like so:

BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(ClientInfoPanel, wxPanel)
	EVT_BUTTON(wxID_CANCEL, ClientInfoPanel::OnClickCloseButton)

the function now gets called, but the following line crashes the 
application, although item is not NULL and item.IsOk() returns true:
BackupTreeNode* pTreeNode = (BackupTreeNode 

3/ Another small glitch caused by the new location of the "backup 
files" panels: having long exclusion lines with make the panel too wide 
and hide some content on the far right, that the user cannot access or 
see. I suppose that I missed something with a sizer...

4/ View old and deleted files menu entries are without any 

5/ As outlined in my message from 21 January, "Boxi always shows first 
entry with same names, even if that entry is deleted". It appears that 
restoring in Boxi is pretty limited at the moment.

6/ At the moment, the icons are in standalone PNG files in the same 
directory as the application. Ideally, they would be included as 
resources as explained here [2]

7/ Finally, what would be the best way to share this updated source 

Any feedback welcome, Achim

[0] <http://cuba-project.org/boxi_translations>
[1] <http://cuba-project.org/Boxi_NG>
[2] <http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/Embedding_PNG_Images>

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