[Box Backup] Boxbackup on ARM processors

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Mon Feb 14 17:40:46 GMT 2011

Dear Leif & Achim,

thank you very, very much for the support offered! I am truly over-whelmed by 
the short time it took to get  these answers and I can only repeat how impressed 

I am about this project and the people driving it forward!

Leif, I would highly appreciate an installation parcel because I do not have 
hardly any experience when it comes to handling software packages or -- to be 
more precise -- any associated difficulties. However, with some additional 
instructions I might be able to haul myself through.
As far as I can help with the hosting question,  I could of course offer some of 

my TB's via FTP. I shall send you the respective information via PM.

Achim, your instructions look just like what I have been looking for! They seem 
fully complete but still simple enough to follow or at least to ask specific 
questions. Great work!

So I shall start testing at both of these strings on my own until I have a 
working set-up including some installation notes. After that I can  have my 
students play with it. Though I must ask for some patience because my spare time 

is close to zero at the moment. As soon as I get some free evenings, I shall 
start installing and endeavour into Cygwin which has been on my to-do/wish list 
for long.

Many thanks & cheers!

= = = = = = = = =
Stefan Müller Wildi, Switzerland

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