[Box Backup] Workaround for struct packing problem on ARM processors (was: Another wish for 2011)

Leif Linderstam ell2 at live.se
Tue Feb 22 20:18:09 GMT 2011

Hi Chris,

I am answering myself on this one.

> There is however another problem which I am working on at the moment. The
> debug version of bbstored works quite well, but the release version has
> problems with the directory structure of the store. It creates the .rfw
> files directly in the root dir of the store. Only when it has created
> about 255 files it creates a subdir in which it continues to create .rfw
> files. In other words it seems to ignore the directory structure and
> creates a flat structure. (It is a bit annoying that this only happens in
> the release version, it becomes a pain to debug it then.)

It never occurred to me that this actually could be the intended behaviour,
but now that I read page on troubleshooting in the Wiki I see that the
release and debug versions actually have different file layouts. So the
status with the ARM port is that it seems to work just fine. I will install
the release version and let it run for a while.



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