[Box Backup] Boxi NG (screenshots included)

Linus Brimstedt linus at brimstedt.se
Fri Feb 25 11:04:48 GMT 2011


I have not managed to test Boxi yet, but Im about to give it a try.

If there are not already some automated nightly build from SVN, I'd be more
than happy to setup such a system (for windows and linux at least, for other
OS's I'd need help.)


On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 11:48 PM, Achim <achim+box at qustodium.net> wrote:

> Hello list:
> In addition to the localisation I mentioned in my message from 18 January
> [0], I have been trying to improve Boxi's UI.
> Please refer to [1] to see the screenshots of my development version, based
> on the latest SVN checkout.
> A couple of things are still missing/not working, and I would be grateful
> for any pointers:
> 1/ The "Stop Compare" and "Stop Backup" and "Stop Restore" buttons on
> [XYZ]ProgressPanel.cc do not work correctly. They are only functional during
> the local "counting files" activity. Once Boxi hands over to Boxbackup with
> queries.CompareLocation(*pLocName, BBParams); the button can be clicked, but
> the current action continues. Is it even possible to interrupt the process?
> 2/ As you can see from the screenshots [1], I decided to move the panels
> for "Backup files", "Locations" and "Exclusions" from a separate tab to the
> overall "Configuration" tab. Double-clicking on a directory in the tree now
> does not fire BackupLocationsPanel::OnTreeNodeActivate anymore. When I tried
> to update the event table to register the function like so:
> BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(ClientInfoPanel, wxPanel)
>        EVT_BUTTON(wxID_CANCEL, ClientInfoPanel::OnClickCloseButton)
>        EVT_TREE_ITEM_ACTIVATED(ID_Backup_Locations_Tree,
>                BackupLocationsPanel::OnTreeNodeActivate)
> the function now gets called, but the following line crashes the
> application, although item is not NULL and item.IsOk() returns true:
> BackupTreeNode* pTreeNode = (BackupTreeNode *)(mpTree->GetItemData(item));
> 3/ Another small glitch caused by the new location of the "backup files"
> panels: having long exclusion lines with make the panel too wide and hide
> some content on the far right, that the user cannot access or see. I suppose
> that I missed something with a sizer...
> 4/ View old and deleted files menu entries are without any functionality.
> 5/ As outlined in my message from 21 January, "Boxi always shows first
> entry with same names, even if that entry is deleted". It appears that
> restoring in Boxi is pretty limited at the moment.
> 6/ At the moment, the icons are in standalone PNG files in the same
> directory as the application. Ideally, they would be included as resources
> as explained here [2]
> 7/ Finally, what would be the best way to share this updated source code?
> Any feedback welcome, Achim
> [0] <http://cuba-project.org/boxi_translations>
> [1] <http://cuba-project.org/Boxi_NG>
> [2] <http://wiki.wxwidgets.org/Embedding_PNG_Images>
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