[Box Backup] MaxUploadRate crashes bbackupd trunk under Windows

Chris Wilson chris at qwirx.com
Sat Feb 26 14:19:47 GMT 2011

Hi Achim,

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011, Achim wrote:

> I built the debug version and sent it to you with my current setup.

Was that the one in bbackupd_crashes.zip?

> In order to install gdb, I have to completely reinstall my cygwin/mingw 
> toolchain, because a major upgrade took place in the mean time...

Sorry about that, I hope it's not too painful. I've just ordered a new 
desktop machine that I hope will allow me to run virtual machines less 
painfully for Box Backup development; plus it comes with a Windows 7 
license :)

> Would anybody know of a "5 minute bootcamp" for GDB?

"help <any command>" is very useful, e.g. "help l", "help b"
"l" lists source lines at the current position (or another address)
"b" sets breakpoints
"bt" is backtrace
"u" and "d" move up and down frames
"p" prints any variable

Just knowing the exact line that it crashes on (with "bt") would be really 
useful, but in any case I've just committed a change that I hope will fix 
the problem, so please could you build and test the latest trunk?

Cheers, Chris.
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