[Box Backup] windows client

trelane at lavabit.com trelane at lavabit.com
Tue Jul 19 17:49:48 BST 2011

I appear to have successfully set up bb server on a linux box and got a
Windows client to send a lot of data to it. However this happens when I
run bbackupquery.exe on said client:

INFO:    Using configuration file C:\Program Files\boxbackup\bbackupd.conf
INFO:    Connecting to store...

And that's it. I'm running bbstored -D on the server and it reports
nothing about a bbackupquery connection. bbackupd is still talking to the
server though. Is this a common problem? What could I be doing wrong?

Does boxbackup not do VSS? I thought I read that it did, but clearly I was

I want very much to like and use boxbackup. In theory it is great. In
practice I have some reservations. Correct me if I'm off base. Development
seems slow. The Windows support seems iffy. That soft RAID stuff just
worries me...who thought that up? Mandatory encryption is overkill.

Not to just complain here, but those are my thoughts.

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