[Box Backup] Quick compare errors

Chris Wilson chris at qwirx.com
Wed Jul 20 01:04:26 BST 2011

Hi Christophe,

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011, Christophe wrote:

> In order to verify the smooth functioning, I run every night a verification 
> script using the "Query Tool" (quick-compare).
> Regularly (every 4 or 5 days), I see abnormal errors with the verification of 
> old files: "WARNING: Local file 'xxx' has different contents to store file 
> 'xxx'."

Could it be that the file is in use or has been recently modified at the 
time of the last backup?

> The only cure I know is to refresh the local file date to re-initiate the 
> backup update on the server.

If so, then it should be fixed automatically at the next backup without 
you having to do anything, as long as it is no longer in use and has not 
changed for at least MinimumFileAge seconds.

> But this tinkering does not satisfy me because it changes the date of local 
> files and it clutters the "old files" backup section.

Yes, it should not be necessary, I agree.

> I wonder if this bug is known on my version "0.11~rc8~r2714-1~bpo60" and 
> if there is a better way to address it.

It's not a known bug, but if you cannot explain it by the logic above, 
could you help us to debug it by running bbackupd with the -V option and 
reporting what it says about the file that later fails on compare?

> For example, is there a command to force the update of the backup to a 
> single local file?

Not currently, sorry. Even if there was, it would also "clutter the old 
files" as you complain about above.

Cheers, Chris.
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