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Hi Chris,

First of all, I'm sorry to reply just now: my spam filter quarantined 
some emails by mistake.

> On Fri, 15 Jul 2011, Christophe wrote:
>> In order to verify the smooth functioning, I run every night a verification
>> script using the "Query Tool" (quick-compare).
>> Regularly (every 4 or 5 days), I see abnormal errors with the verification of
>> old files: "WARNING: Local file 'xxx' has different contents to store file
>> 'xxx'."
> Could it be that the file is in use or has been recently modified at the
> time of the last backup?

The backup of these files is done in two steps.
First, I sync my Windows computer (when idle) to a samba local server.
Then BoxBackup backups local samba server to a BB remote server.

>> The only cure I know is to refresh the local file date to re-initiate the
>> backup update on the server.
> If so, then it should be fixed automatically at the next backup without
> you having to do anything, as long as it is no longer in use and has not
> changed for at least MinimumFileAge seconds.

Files reported in error by the comparison are old (more than a month) 
and have not been used.
Because of the backup in two stages, I do not think these files can be 

>> But this tinkering does not satisfy me because it changes the date of local
>> files and it clutters the "old files" backup section.
> Yes, it should not be necessary, I agree.
>> I wonder if this bug is known on my version "0.11~rc8~r2714-1~bpo60" and
>> if there is a better way to address it.
> It's not a known bug, but if you cannot explain it by the logic above,
> could you help us to debug it by running bbackupd with the -V option and
> reporting what it says about the file that later fails on compare?

I removed the 'touch' of my script to see if a file comparison error 
today will be tomorrow.
I'm afraid to remember that these errors are not corrected and 
accumulate, but I could re-start the demon bbackupd with-V as suggested 
with good reason.

>> For example, is there a command to force the update of the backup to a
>> single local file?
> Not currently, sorry. Even if there was, it would also "clutter the old
> files" as you complain about above.

Absolutely true: I had not thought about. :-(

Thank you sincerely for your responses Chris.
I will return to mail the log if necessary.


> Cheers, Chris.
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