[Box Backup] Error on boxbackup

James O'Gorman james at netinertia.co.uk
Mon May 2 18:37:55 BST 2011

On 2 May 2011, at 18:26, andrew.habashi at bell.ca wrote:

> 1) I ran the ps commands again
> This command ps auxww | grep bbackup | grep -v grep gave me this:
> Root 22153 0.0 0.0 6828 1896 ?   S   12:41  0:00  /usr/local/sbin/bbackupd

So you have a backup client running and working correctly.

> 2) Are you absolutely sure the *store daemon* is installed?
> yes. You can even copy paste an old log (message2 or message4. I think one of them shows the backup running and working)

It really doesn't look like you have bbstored installed. Can you run:

locate bbstored

> 3) So you have a *backup client* running, not a store daemon. Are you
> actually expecting to be running both on the same machine?
> No 2 different machines: One backup server and a client.

But this machine has a client running and installed...

> The main issue here is not the client but the backup server (bbstored)

In a way it is, because you're saying this machine should not be running a client, yet it is!


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