[Box Backup] Housekeeping stops running after time

David Bamford dave at bdisystems.co.uk
Tue Oct 18 09:57:34 BST 2011


I am running 0.11 rc8 bbstored and have noticed that after a few days
the server stops running housekeeping. This results in store filling up
and files not being backed up. The housekeeping takes a long time to run
as there are many accounts and about 1.5Tb of data on a NFS store.

I am running bbstored with -v and restarting the process means that
housekeeping runs and am getting the "finished housekeeping" and
"started housekeeping" messages in the logs. But after a few days these
do not occur.

I have tried looking at BBStoreDHousekeeping.cpp but I am not an expert
coder. Is it possible that there is a problem?


Dave Bamford


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