[Box Backup] Weekly comparisons

Achim achim+box at qustodium.net
Tue Oct 18 13:43:00 BST 2011

Hello list:

I have been thinking about daily/weekly/monthly scheduled comparisons, 
as discussed a few times [1, 2].

According to the documentation ("help compare"), the following 

bbackupquery.exe -c bbackupd.conf "compare -a -q -c" quit


>    If -c is set, then the return code (if quit is the next command) will be
>        1    Comparison was exact
>        2    Differences were found
>        3    An error occured
>    This can be used for automated tests.

Small request: Would it be possible to change those values to 0, 1 and 
2 respectively? 0 meaning "All OK" like usual, and the other two values 
would bring this comparison in line with diff's exit code?

Thank you, Achim


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