[Box Backup] Backup Mac OS X to Freebsd

Chris Wilson chris at qwirx.com
Tue Oct 18 21:01:02 BST 2011

Hi Stuart,

On Tue, 18 Oct 2011, Stuart Robertson wrote:

> I would be grateful for a little help from list members with
> installing and using Boxbackup. I would like to backup three mac
> laptops to a freebsd server. I'm a home user with patience and some
> skills but little experience. My home server runs a zfs pool to which
> I'd like to backup.

Sure, welcome to the list.

> I have installed the port on the server and client and server on one of 
> the laptops (intel, os 10.7.1). When following the installation notes I 
> see that they say that "The generated installation scripts assumes you 
> want everything installed in /usr/local/bin" but on both OS X and 
> Freebsd the default installation seems to be "/usr/local/sbin". Is this 
> difference going to cause problems?

The notes may be out of date. Which notes exactly are you referring to?

The only difference may be that for some commands, you might have to use 
/usr/local/sbin instead of /usr/local/bin in the command line to run them.

> My first questions are to do with configuring the server. How do I test 
> my installation if I have installed with the Freebsd port? Is it 
> necessary to test the installation?

It may not be possible. I'm not sure whether the author of the freebsd 
port has added extra Makefile targets to let you test the binaries before 
installation. If they have, you might be able to run "make test" in the 
port directory.

> I did test the client and have the full response saved. The final lines were
> common: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at testcommon.cpp:424)
> crypto: PASSED
> compress: PASSED
> raidfile: PASSED
> basicserver: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
> backupstore: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
> backupstorefix: PASSED
> backupstorepatch: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
> backupdiff: PASSED
> bbackupd: FAILED: 1 tests failed (first at :0)
> httpserver: FAILED: 2 tests failed (first at testhttpserver.cpp:247)
> Can I proceed any further? How can i tell what the problems were? I
> did not run the test as root.

The tests should all pass when run as a normal user. Can you send the test 
log files (test*.log) for the tests that failed to me by private email?

> /usr/local/bin/bbackupd-config /etc/box lazy 999 hostname /var/bbackupd 
> /home
> I guess will need to use 'sbin' here I guess. I know the user number of 
> the user I want to use on the server (1001) and I know that directories 
> I want to backup on the client (my home directory). I'll need to watch 
> that /etc/box is not removed when updating OS X.

The unix user ID is not used for anything. 999 should match an account 
that you already created with "bbstoreaccount create" on the server.

> Can I use a dynamic DNS host name which I know already works with ssh
> and the user I will be using on the server?

I believe so, yes. However you may experience error messages from the 
client if the server is slow in updating its IP address, or has a long TTL 
on the DNS record.

> I want the backed up files on the server to be at 
> "/tank/backup/<username>" not "/var/bbackupd"; is it okay to add a 
> different location here, one which the user I will be using has 
> permission to access?

/var/bbackupd is a place for the client to store state files locally. It 
has nothing to do with server paths. The path on the server is controlled 
entirely by the settings given in raidfile.conf on the server.

Cheers, Chris.
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