[Box Backup] Failed to open inode database, broken database file

Achim J. Latz achim+box at qustodium.net
Tue Oct 25 10:43:10 BST 2011

Hello Chris:

On 24/10/2011 22:40, Chris Wilson wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Oct 2011, Achim wrote:
 >> [..]
>> Since the file is not critical and will be
>> re-created automatically, perhaps we should not upset the user about
>> this?
> It is possible, but loss of the inode database is not inconsequential,
> and I'd prefer to figure out why it's being corrupted and fix it.
> The only case that I know of it when bbackupd is aborted by pressing
> Ctrl+C or killing it. Otherwise the database should be closed properly.
> Can you reproduce this problem any other way, and if so, could you send
> me a log created using LogFile?

This indeed happens when CTRL+C is pressed, but I have also seen it with 
clients that experienced power loss or other abrupt system power down (I 
believe): basically, every few weeks this happens on remote systems that 
I don't control, and the users get nervous about the error message.

I will send you off-list a few log files that I was able to obtain, and 
we can see if that helps.

Best regards, Achim

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