[Box Backup] Has there been any work done with Boxi?

rmcgee at teamdms.com rmcgee at teamdms.com
Fri Oct 28 20:00:51 BST 2011

I love box backup and would like to implement it in my server / workstation
environment. I was wondering if the Boxi gui for windows has had any recent
development or if there is an up to date guide on compiling it on windows?
Every attempt I have made on compiling from the svn has failed and the
precompiled version gives me a socket error. I can get the cli version of
box backup running without a hitch. I have tried to compile Boxi with MinGW
and Cygwin with no success. I have followed
http://www.cuba-project.org/HOWTO_Compile_Boxi_from_source to the tee with
no luck.  Always fails on the configure portion of boxi, states that openssl
is require (which is installed). I know once I can get an easy GUI to allow
the end user to preform their own restores, I can get this pushed to the IT
manager and get it up and going. Thanks in advance for any help you can give



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