[Box Backup] Mac OS X plist with syntax error?

Bertrand H. Biritz beb2015 at med.cornell.edu
Mon Oct 31 20:08:27 GMT 2011

Dear Box Backup users,

I successfully installed version 0.11.1 on Mac OS X 10.7 running on a Mac mini (server edition, although that wouldn't matter ;) and now have my Fedora 15 machines backing up to mini. Everything went nice and smoothly.

One thing I noticed is the plist for launching bbstored had a syntax error, discovered by using plutil. After fixing it I finally got around to looking through the submitted tickets and found the exact same fix submitted back on March 31 2009: http://www.boxbackup.org/changeset/2490

I checked out trunk (3033) and there is still the syntax error – am I missing something regarding why I the syntax error is still there?

Thanks for such a great product!

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