[Box Backup] Monitor uploaded files

Olivier Croquette ml at ocroquette.de
Tue Nov 27 09:30:31 GMT 2012

On Nov 23, 2012, at 11:39 AM, Chris Wilson wrote:
>> I would to keep a record of which files have been uploaded and when. Currently, I have set the debug level to TRACE, enabled the output on stdout, and I use a perl script to filter the relevant lines. However, the system log gets flooded by all TRACE messages.
>> Is there a better way of doing this ?
>> If not, I was thinking about introducing a configuration option to disable the output to syslog.
> You can log output to a file instead of syslog (-O option I think). You can process that logfile in the NotifyScript to extract whatever lines you want and do whatever you want with them.

Hi Chris !

Thanks ! However, there is no such option for bbackupd, only for bbackupquery.
For bbackupd, I don't think there is anything. It should a setting in the configuration file (syslog yes/no and/or which log file).

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