[Box Backup] RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01

Chris Walker cableninja at cableninja.net
Sat Apr 6 13:03:56 BST 2013


I just setup boxbackup for the first time. After a few troubles here and
there (debian wheezy's packages are not quite 'up to par' as far as
pre-configuration goes, theres things missing, things get put in places
that are referenced differently (bbstored/clients vs /clients).

Anyway, I got the server up and running, I'm now having problems getting
clients functioning.

1) I did bbackupd-config /etc/boxbackup lazy 0 backup01.cableninja.net
2) I got the csr it spit out and took it to the backup server
3) used bbstored-certs /etc/boxbackup sign
4) I took the /etc/boxbackup/bbstored/roots/serverCA.pem and
/etc/boxbackup/bbstored/clients/0-cert.pem to the server being backed up.
5) verified all paths were correct and attempted to start bbackupd.

Initially I got no output until I started using -V -D (and specifying
the config path).

Any help would be greatly appreciated

OpenVZ System on Centos 6.4 2.6.32-042stab075.2, Container Debian Wheezy
- Kernel 3.2.0-4 - BoxBackup 0.11rc8+2837

root at db01:/# bbackupd -V -D /etc/boxbackup/bbackupd.conf
NOTICE:  Starting daemon, version: 0.11rc8+2837
NOTICE:  Using configuration file: /etc/boxbackup/bbackupd.conf
TRACE:   BackupDaemon::NotifySysadmin() called, event = backup-start
INFO:    About to notify administrator about event backup-start, running
script '/etc/boxbackup/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh backup-start
NOTICE:  Beginning scan of local files
TRACE:   Set maximum diffing time to 120 seconds
TRACE:   Set keep-alive time to 60 seconds
TRACE:   timer: next event: KeepAliveTime expires in 59.999994 seconds
TRACE:   timer: next event: KeepAliveTime expires in 59.999968 seconds
TRACE:   timer: next event: KeepAliveTime expires in 59.999938 seconds
TRACE:   timer: next event: KeepAliveTime expires in 59.999910 seconds
INFO:    Opening connection to server 'backup01.cableninja.net'...
ERROR:   SSL error while connecting: error:0407006A:rsa
routines:RSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_1:block type is not 01
ERROR:   SSL error while connecting: error:04067072:rsa
routines:RSA_EAY_PUBLIC_DECRYPT:padding check failed
ERROR:   SSL error while connecting: error:0D0C5006:asn1 encoding
routines:ASN1_item_verify:EVP lib
ERROR:   SSL error while connecting: error:14090086:SSL
routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed
TRACE:   Obtained 10 stack frames.
TRACE:   Stack frame 0: bbackupd(DumpStackBacktrace()+0x23) [0x4f7c83]
TRACE:   Stack frame 1: bbackupd(SocketStreamTLS::Handshake(TLSContext
const&, bool)+0xd8c) [0x4b731c]
TRACE:   Stack frame 2: bbackupd(SocketStreamTLS::Open(TLSContext
const&, Socket::Type, std::string const&, int)+0x2e) [0x4b7a8e]
TRACE:   Stack frame 3:
bbackupd(BackupClientContext::GetConnection()+0x32b) [0x42927b]
TRACE:   Stack frame 4:
Configuration const&)+0x89) [0x43deb9]
TRACE:   Stack frame 5: bbackupd(BackupDaemon::RunSyncNow()+0xe2d)
TRACE:   Stack frame 6:
bbackupd(BackupDaemon::RunSyncNowWithExceptionHandling()+0x35) [0x440ea5]
TRACE:   Stack frame 7: bbackupd(BackupDaemon::Run2()+0x266) [0x441756]
TRACE:   Stack frame 8: bbackupd(BackupDaemon::Run()+0x108) [0x441948]
TRACE:   Stack frame 9: bbackupd(Daemon::Main(std::string
const&)+0x2252) [0x48b2a2]
WARNING: Exception thrown: ConnectionException(Conn_TLSHandshakeFailed)
at SocketStreamTLS.cpp(212)
TRACE:   timer: no more events, going to sleep.
TRACE:   BackupDaemon::NotifySysadmin() called, event = backup-error
INFO:    About to notify administrator about event backup-error, running
script '/etc/boxbackup/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh backup-error
/etc/boxbackup/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh: line 56: sendmail:: command
not found
WARNING: Notify script returned error code: 32512
(/etc/boxbackup/bbackupd/NotifySysadmin.sh backup-error
ERROR:   Exception caught (Connection TLSHandshakeFailed 7/30), reset
state and waiting to retry...

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