[Box Backup] Cache Directory Tagging Standard

Jan Haastrecht jan.haastrecht at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 15:00:54 BST 2013


I am sure that some people manually keep track of cache directories to make sure 
they are not included in the backups they make, but
adding support for http://www.brynosaurus.com/cachedir/spec.html would save some 
of this work.

Can you add support for this standard?

I think it should be added here:

while((en = ::readdir(dirHandle)) != 0)

                   /* Insert code here*/

                 // Don't need to use
                 // LinuxWorkaround_FinishDirentStruct(en,
                 // rLocalPath.c_str());
                 // on Linux, as a stat is performed to
                 // get all this info

- Jan

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