[Box Backup] Backing up small changes to large files

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Wed Apr 17 16:47:42 BST 2013

Hi Everybody

Box backup has "saved my bacon" several times during the 3 1/2 years or 
so that I have been using it, including a complete recovery after a 
motherboard failure. It suits me very well. I greatly appreciate all of 
the time and efforts that the creators and maintainers of the system 
have put in in order to come up with such a fine system. I run the 
server and the client on the same home machine.

After a vacation trip I annotated my jpeg format photographs on my 
GNU/Linux system using exiv2. After annotation I reset the modified time 
of each annotated file to the Exif "create" time stamp. Subsequently the 
image files on the system differed by a few tens of bytes from the 1.3 
megabytes or so of the files as originally backed up by Box Backup.

A curious phenomenon occurred. Some weeks after I had made the above 
annotations I ran

bbackupquery "compare -a" quit

and discovered that the backed up versions of the image files were not 
the same as the versions on the system. I concluded that the small 
changes resulting from the annotations had not been backed up. A few 
weeks later, when I ran the above compare command again, I discovered 
that the backed up versions were now the same as those on the system.

I had been meaning to post a query about how to force the small changes 
to be backed up. Now I would like to know why the small changes were not 
backed up shortly after they were made, and also, how to force those 
changes in a timely manner in the future.

I run Debian Wheezy, and the 0.11.1~r2837-1 amd64 versions of the 
boxbackup-server and boxbackup-client Debian packages.

The relevant entries from the bbackupd.conf file are

UpdateStoreInterval = 3600
MinimumFileAge = 3600
MaxUploadWait = 7200
KeepAliveTime = 120
FileTrackingSizeThreshold = 65535
DiffingUploadSizeThreshold = 8192
MaximumDiffingTime = 300

Any help would be appreciated.



Jack Warkentin, phone 902-404-0457, email jwark at bellaliant.net
39 Inverness Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3P 1X6

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