[Box Backup] ERROR: Expected raidfile backup/00001001/0b/01/oc7 does not exist (and others)

Markus Grunwald markus at the-grue.de
Tue Jul 30 20:17:50 BST 2013

Hello Chris,

> > since many weeks, I have these messages (see below) in my logfile and I 
> > have no Idea what to do about it.
> In some cases 
> it may have been caused by doing funny things to the store filesystem, 
> such as running it on NFS or synchronising with another machine. Do you 
> do anything like that? What filesystem is the store on?

The store is in a USB drive with ext4. No funny business.

> It could also be caused by the server crashing and losing files from the 
> filesystem due to inconsistent caches.

That's quite possible. There was a time when the server crashed multiple times
and I think the problems with the backup store started back then.

> Can you see exactly when this started happening, 

Unfortunately not. It was a long time ago. I had a lot of patience ;)

> and whether anything else 
> strange happened to the server at around the same time?

Nothing besides the crashes.

> Also are you willing to help us to debug it and fix it, by checking out 
> the latest Box Backup source code from Subversion and compiling and 
> testing it?

Yes, no problem. Do I need the latest software only for the server or for all
my clients, too?

> And what version of Box Backup are you running?

On the server:
markus at benji % dpkg -l \*boxbackup\* | egrep '^ii'
ii  boxbackup-server                       0.11~rc8~r2714-1~bpo60+1 

On client 1001:

markus at ix:~$ dpkg -l \*boxbackup\* | egrep '^ii'
ii  boxbackup-client                     0.11.1~r2837-1   

Hmm, I see that they differ. But that can be only since a short time, when I
upgraded ix to wheezy. benji still has squeeze.
Markus Grunwald

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