[Box Backup] ERROR: Expected raidfile backup/00001001/0b/01/oc7 does not exist (and others)

Chris Wilson chris at qwirx.com
Tue Jul 30 20:29:39 BST 2013

Hi Markus,

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, Markus Grunwald wrote:

>> It could also be caused by the server crashing and losing files from the
>> filesystem due to inconsistent caches.
> That's quite possible. There was a time when the server crashed multiple times
> and I think the problems with the backup store started back then.

OK, it's good that we've established a possible cause.

>> Also are you willing to help us to debug it and fix it, by checking out 
>> the latest Box Backup source code from Subversion and compiling and 
>> testing it?
> Yes, no problem. Do I need the latest software only for the server or 
> for all my clients, too?

Great, thanks! The problem is just on the server, so you just need to run 
the latest software there. And also you don't have to replace your 
installed Box Backup bbstored. You can build a release version (NOT debug, 
because that uses a different store format that isn't compatible) and use
the built copy of bbstoreaccounts to check the store, without installing 

>> And what version of Box Backup are you running?
> On the server:
> markus at benji % dpkg -l \*boxbackup\* | egrep '^ii'
> ii  boxbackup-server                       0.11~rc8~r2714-1~bpo60+1

OK, that one is a bit old, it's possible that the problem has already been 
fixed. Running the latest code will tell us whether it has been fixed, or 
help us to debug the problem if not.

To build the release version, just check out the latest code, make and 
then run bbstoreaccounts:

 	cd trunk
 	release/bin/bbstoreaccounts/bbstoreaccounts check <account-no>

Cheers, Chris.
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