[Box Backup] Object too big error on 32 bit client

Hans-Joachim Baader hjb at pro-linux.de
Sun Dec 30 17:07:47 GMT 2018


today I verified my backups by downloading them on a separate machine.
This machine is 32 bit and very ancient - Debian 8 is the system
currently running on it and there will be no update.

The verification works well, except when it encounters a large
file (about 280 MB in this case). Then it aborts with

THROW_EXCEPTION(ConnectionException, Protocol_ObjTooBig)

This comes from lib/server/Protocol.cpp line 195. I tried the
current git version and an older version on both server and

When I restore this file on the original machine it works. This is
a 64 bit machine. So it appears there is some difference in
the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of boxbackup. The 64 bit client
works, the 32 bit client doesn't.

I don't know if the server makes a difference. This is a 32 bit machine,
too. It recently had its 20. anniversary runing almost without
interruptions. Since it just doesn't want do die, I didn't move
boxbackup to another machine yet. Don't hurt me :)


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