[Box Backup] Object too big error on 32 bit client

Chris Wilson chris+google at qwirx.com
Sun Dec 30 19:55:16 GMT 2018

Hi Hans-Joachim,

Very sorry to hear that you're having problems. I'm not aware of any
difference or incompatibility between 32-bit and 64-bit clients and
servers. I want to fix this bug, but will need your help to reproduce it.

This particular error can happen when the client encounters an error in a
previous operation, and tries to move onto the next file, but the protocol
is out of sync (the server is still sending file data, but the client tries
to interpret it as a reply to its next request, and aborts). Therefore it
would be useful to see the last few lines of the output, including any
error that occurred immediately before, or while restoring the previous
file. The server logs may also have some useful information, such as

How large is the file that failed on the server, in blocks? Can you restore
it on its own (without the other files)? Can you restore the file
immediately before, and then perform another protocol operation such as
listing files in a directory?

Thanks, Chris.

On Sun, 30 Dec 2018 at 17:18, Hans-Joachim Baader <hjb at pro-linux.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> today I verified my backups by downloading them on a separate machine.
> This machine is 32 bit and very ancient - Debian 8 is the system
> currently running on it and there will be no update.
> The verification works well, except when it encounters a large
> file (about 280 MB in this case). Then it aborts with
> THROW_EXCEPTION(ConnectionException, Protocol_ObjTooBig)
> This comes from lib/server/Protocol.cpp line 195. I tried the
> current git version and an older version on both server and
> client.
> When I restore this file on the original machine it works. This is
> a 64 bit machine. So it appears there is some difference in
> the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of boxbackup. The 64 bit client
> works, the 32 bit client doesn't.
> I don't know if the server makes a difference. This is a 32 bit machine,
> too. It recently had its 20. anniversary runing almost without
> interruptions. Since it just doesn't want do die, I didn't move
> boxbackup to another machine yet. Don't hurt me :)
> Regards,
> Hans-Joachim
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